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Efficient Business Dispute Resolution

Any business facing a dispute knows that there is nothing more important than efficient resolution. Without an eye on the bottom line, even a trial that a company wins can be devastating to the business. It is critical to work with an experienced legal team that knows how to get the resolution your business needs in the most efficient inexpensive manner possible.

At Herbert Machnik Law Firm, our attorneys represent businesses in Kalamazoo, Jackson and the surrounding Michigan areas in all types of business-related legal matters. When this turns into a serious dispute between businesses or between a business and an individual, our lawyers focus on solving the dispute efficiently through mediation. One of our partners, Jason Machnik, is a certified mediator who has substantial experience as a third-party neutral. In addition, all of our attorneys have vast experience representing businesses in the mediation process.

Benefits Of Mediation

There are numerous important benefits associated with using a business mediator in lieu of traditional courtroom litigation:

  • Cost savings: Litigation is extremely expensive. The cost of winning a courtroom trial is such that no one really wins litigation unless someone gets a judgment along with attorney fees, which is not always easy to do. With mediation, we are able to help our clients obtain favorable results much more cost-effectively.
  • Time savings: The courts in our country are notoriously slow and log jammed with back cases. We leverage the mediation process to get serious disputes resolved much more quickly than what can be done through the courts.
  • Better outcomes: In many cases, a judge will simply split the pie in litigation. Someone wins and someone loses, period. In mediation, we have the ability to work with both sides to come up with creative solutions.

We can provide neutral services or represent a client in mediation for all types of business disputes, as well as mediation in real estate matters and in a range of other civil disputes.

Our diverse legal backgrounds and experience help us see the big picture for our clients. We know how these cases would play out in court, so we come into mediation with realistic bargaining positions. We know how to get favorable outcomes for our clients.

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