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Kalamazoo Divorce Attorneys

At the Herbert Machnik Law Firm, we understand the emotional toll that divorce can bring. Our goal is to provide the strongest possible advocacy for our clients going through the often difficult process of divorce. We take a holistic approach to understanding the nuances of each case and always focus on the well-being of our clients.

Advocacy That Matters

What are your goals? Amidst all the emotions and confusion of a divorce, you need to create a plan for what’s next. At the Herbert Machnik Law Firm, we take a holistic approach to assisting people who are experiencing the major life event of a divorce. We know that important factors include the impact of your divorce on your children as well as the securing of a fair and equitable financial settlement.

To get clear and move forward, contact us for a consultation with our Kalamazoo, Michigan, divorce attorney, Alesha Burnash. Even if your case has already begun, we can address the reasons why things may be stalled and help you set realistic expectations for achieving your goals.

Intelligent Client Rapport

In order to design the best strategy for you, our attorneys help you focus on the critical decisions that need to be made during each step of the divorce process, always keeping in mind your long-term goals and preferences. This approach is essential to our effective legal representation.

We manage all aspects of divorce, from simple matters to complex divorce issues requiring intensive investigation and litigation. To learn more about our divorce services, contact us online or by calling 269-948-7600.