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Providing A Holistic Perspective For Michigan Divorces

At Herbert Machnik Law Firm, we provide compassionate yet assertive advocacy for clients in the Kalamazoo County area who are going through the often-difficult process of divorce. We manage all aspects of divorce, from simple matters to complex divorce issues requiring intensive investigation and litigation.

We take a holistic approach to divorce, examining the many nuances that affect your life and considering how we can arrive at the positive solution that you need. Our primary focus is always on your well-being, from securing an equitable financial settlement to prioritizing the stability of your children.

Some of the most common divorce and family legal issues we handle include:

What are your goals? Amidst all the chaos of a divorce, you need to create a plan for what’s next. Our divorce attorneys empower you to make critical decisions made during each step of the divorce process, always keeping in mind your long-term goals and preferences.

Clear Answers And A Cohesive Strategy

Divorce can take an immense emotional toll on you. When it comes to family conflicts involving your children, assets and marital home, we find that emotions can run high, causing people to miss the forest for the trees.

Our team helps you look at the big picture, approaching the matter pragmatically to find cohesive solutions. We provide straightforward counsel and give you realistic expectations of what to expect – even if it is not necessarily want to hear.

Discuss Your Objectives With A Kalamazoo Divorce Lawyer

Herbert Machnik Law Firm can provide the cost-effective legal representation that you need during your divorce. To get clear advice and move forward, contact us for a consultation. Please call our Kalamazoo office at 269-948-7600 or send us an email today.