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Using a Michigan Guardianship Or Conservatorship To Protect Your Loved Ones

What will happen to your minor children if you suddenly lose capacity or pass away? What about your adult child who has special needs or an elderly person who can no longer care for themselves? Michigan guardianships and conservatorships provide families with the legal authority to address the needs of loved ones.

This is where the attorneys of Herbert Machnik Law Firm can step in to draft practical, unique guardianships and conservatorships. Having served the families of Kalamzoo and Southwest Michigan for decades, we understand the necessity of having the right legal documents in place to protect the people you love – and we look forward to helping you create them.

How A Michigan Guardianship Can Protect Your Loved One

A guardianship is when a court designates one person to make legal decisions for a person who lacks the capacity to make decisions for themselves. Similarly, a conservatorship is a court-appointed arrangement that allows someone to manage the finances of someone who lacks capacity. As your parents or another loved one ages, they might lose their ability to make decisions for themselves. Someone untrustworthy might try to abuse them financially. By establishing a guardianship or conservatorship, you can make these decisions for them – and keep them healthy, safe and financially stable.

Preparing Your Child’s Future For The Unexpected

No parent wants to imagine becoming too sick or incapacitate to care for their child. However, this unexpected reality happens every day. By designating a guardian in your estate plan, you set your child up for security, stability and much less trauma if the unimaginable does happen. As estate planning lawyers who also practice a variety of family law concerns, we frequently work with parents who are interested in creating a guardianship designation to ensure that there is a plan in place in case of the unthinkable. This can give you, your child and their guardian peace of mind.

Get More Guidance About Guardianships And Conservatorships

Are you interested in establishing a guardianship or a conservatorship? Contact our Kalamazoo elder law attorneys at Herbert Machnik Law Firm to learn more. To schedule an initial consultation, please call 269-948-7600 or send us an email.