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Legal Help With Real Estate Transactions And Disputes

Real estate represents a significant investment. For individuals or corporate representatives dealing with buying and selling real property, navigating a real estate dispute or facing other real estate law issues, there is a lot at stake. It is a bad idea to enter into any type of real estate transaction or dispute without the help of experienced, skilled legal counsel.

At Herbert Machnik Law Firm, we handle all types of real estate matters for clients in Kalamazoo, Jackson and the surrounding areas of Michigan. Our attorneys are experienced in residential and commercial real estate transactions and disputes. We will handle your case with understanding and skill.

Comprehensive Real Estate Law Representation

At the Herbert Machnik Law Firm, we handle all types of real estate matters including:

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Real estate development
  • Property line disputes and other boundary issues
  • Title searches and quiet title claims
  • Financing
  • Easements
  • Leasing arrangements

With uniquely diverse backgrounds, our lawyers provide comprehensive real estate services. Our attorneys understand that real estate law issues impact a range of other legal areas, like your commercial business enterprises, your marriage and family, and your estate planning legacy.

We handle transactional matters as well as complex real estate disputes. It is critical to have a strategy aimed at winning a real estate dispute, and it is imperative that we handle these disputes as efficiently as possible. We look for cost-effective, amicable solutions through mediation and other alternative dispute methods before litigation, but we are prepared to represent you successfully in the courtroom, as well.

Your Initial Meeting

Our initial meeting is designed to allow you to ask questions and get to know us before you make the decision to hire. At this initial meeting, we will discuss the legal process as it applies to both the law and your specific circumstances. Our goal will be to outline the legal process and educate you on how we can assist in a way that makes sense for you and reduces your stress.

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