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Seeking A Post-Judgment Modification Of Your Child Custody Order Match New Circumstances

Life can change substantially from the time you obtain a court order relating to divorce or child custody. You might find it necessary to petition the court for a post-judgment modification – but this process is complicated, and you will need an attorney to guide you.

For help with post-judgment modifications and more, get in touch with Herbert Machnik Law Firm. We serve the people of Kalamazoo by finding practical, real-world solutions to difficult legal challenges. When it comes to the often-confusing process of modifying an existing court order, you can rely on the service of our family lawyers.

When Can I Change An Existing Michigan Child Custody Order?

Judges will only modify an order if:

  1. Each person named in the order agrees to the changes.
  2. You can demonstrate that your life has changed substantially enough to warrant modification.

Some examples of substantial life changes could include a change in income, relocation out of state or the presence of domestic abuse. If your child custody order changes so that you have more parenting time, you could similarly petition the court to decrease the amount of child support you owe.

Child Custody Modification Lawyers With The FAmily Court Experience You Need

We have successfully petitioned family law courts in Kalamazoo ans throughout Southwest Michigan for post-decree modifications. Our family law and custody modification attorneys can help you with petitions for all family law court orders, including:

We can help you whether you are navigating life post-divorce or you are an unmarried parent sharing custody with your former partner. Through our holistic legal approach, we look at the big picture of your life and help you decide what needs to be done to eventually get the results you want.

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