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Counsel For Your Michigan Child Support Concerns

The financial implications of a divorce are very real. Perhaps you worry about how you can support yourself or your child following your split. Or, you may find yourself making monthly child support or spousal support (alimony) payments and worry how it will affect your finances.

Herbert Machnik Law Firm can help you. Our family law attorneys advocate for equitable child support and spousal support agreements for clients throughout southwest Michigan. We help you take an objective view to the financial disputes that are often clouded by emotion, stress and personal relationships.

How Does Michigan Approach Child And Spousal Support?

Michigan has a guideline based on each parent’s monthly income that courts follow when issuing child support orders. However, judges also have leeway to consider additional factors such as health insurance, childcare costs, and the existing custody and parenting time arrangement.

If you and your ex-spouse or your child’s other parent wish to avoid a trial and retain more control over the outcome, you have the option of negotiating a child support or spousal support arrangement privately. Our team of family law attorneys has experience in these methods as well as in traditional litigation, which gives us many strategies for helping you arrive at an equitable outcome.

Focusing On Your Finances

Conversely, Michigan does not have a guideline established for spousal support. Judges may consider criteria such as:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s contribution to the marriage
  • Each spouse’s income
  • Each spouse’s separate assets
  • Each spouse’s earning potential
  • Whether one spouse supported the other financially during the marriage

In all cases we handle, we enact a thorough cost-benefit analysis to help you weigh your options. We also keep our services cost-effective to ease your financial stress.

Ask An Attorney About Child Support

Herbert Machnik Law Firm will advocate for you in all issues related to child support and spousal support. Get in touch with Herbert Machnik Law Firm in Kalamazoo today for practical family law services. To set up an initial consultation with a child support attorney, please call 269-948-7600 or send us an email.