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Involved in a dispute with your neighbor over property lines?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2023 | Real Estate

Good fences make good neighbors, but in order to have good fences, you must first know where the boundary lines are to your property. If you own any type of property, it is essential to have a general understanding of where your property ends and your neighbor’s property begins. Whether you want to put up a fence, build a structure, sell your home or be certain that your neighbor does not infringe on your property, knowing the location of your boundary lines is essential. 

If you are already involved with your neighbor in a disagreement over the boundaries of your property, you understand how important it is to resolve the matter in a timely manner. These arguments can quickly escalate into full-fledged legal disputes, and understanding your rights can be essential in your pursuit of a beneficial outcome.  

Options for resolving a boundary dispute 

When you bought your home or property, it is possible that a survey was done to accurately determine where the boundary lines are before the finalization of the purchase. If there was no survey, you may want to request one. This simple step can provide clarity, and it may help resolve any ongoing confusion over the location of boundary lines. Other options for resolving a property line dispute include: 

  • It may be possible to come to an agreement with your neighbor regarding the location of the boundary line. This is typically based on a physical boundary marker, such as a fence or tree. After this, there is a certain type of deed you need to formalize the agreement. 
  • A quiet title lawsuit happens when you take your boundary line dispute before a court. This is a request to a judge to make the final determination on the location of the property lines. You will be able to present your case to the judge. 
  • Adverse possession happens when one party has been using property in a specific way for several years. This means that the non-owner may have a claim to continue using the property as in the past. 

Resolving a property line dispute can be complex, and you may be unsure of the best way to shield your rights while avoiding as much financial loss as possible. You will benefit from seeking experienced guidance regarding your legal options according to Michigan property laws.